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I'm having problems logging into eNigel

First things first, please check that you have entered your username (your BA staff number without a "u" in front of it) and your password correctly!

If you're using your iPad to access eNigel and you are continually returned to the login screen even though your username and password are correct then carry out the following steps:

1) Ensure that the date and time is set correctly on your iPad. If your time is set automatically (Settings > General > Date & Time) then sometimes it can be incorrect - usually the wrong day rather than the wrong time. If in doubt, deselect Set Automatically and enter the time manually.

2) Go to Settings > Safari and ensure that "Block Cookies" is set to either "Never" or "From third parties and advertisers".

3) Under Safari settings click "Clear Cookies and Data"

Still not working?

4) Ensure that you are not using "Private" browsing on Safari. Click on the "Tabs" icon (2 squares at top right of screen) and then make sure "Private" isn't selected. If you are using private browsing then the address bar is dark grey rather than light grey.

5) Shut down Safari (double tap of home button and then swipe Safari upwards) and/or try a hard iPad reset (press and hold home and power button until the screen blanks).

This should fix the problem and you should be able to login to eNigel.