Cookie Policy

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of eNigel in conjunction with the Cookie Policy.

eNigel requires the use of web browser cookies for the applications to function correctly. Cookies are used solely for the purpose of allowing a user to log in and access the various applications and do not contain any personal or security information.

Should you elect to store your BSAFE password and D.O.B locally on your device then this information will be stored as a cookie on your device only. This information is scrambled using a basic encryption and is not directly readable. The assumption is made that by agreeing to store your BSAFE password and D.O.B on a device is that the device is physically secured by you (i.e not a shared or public device).

The following cookies are required by eNigel so that the applications work:

The following cookies are optionally stored in the cases where you elect for your device/web browser to remember various details:

In addition to the cookies set by eNigel, other cookies may be set by third partys that have content on the eNigel website. Third party cookies may be set by: