Privacy Notice

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of eNigel in conjunction with the Privacy Notice.

Responsibility for your information

eNigel is operated by AK Web Solutions Ltd. of which I (Andrew Kirkland) am the sole owner and operator. I am the nominated data controller for eNigel and can be contacted via the Contact page on eNigel or by email at AK Web Solutions Ltd. is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Securing your information

eNigel holds several items of personal data about you in your account details including your name, BA staff number and email address. All identifying data is held in an encrypted database and, on top of that, certain items are encrypted again as a extra layer of defence. In the highly unlikely event of a data breach then you will be informed as soon as possible as to the nature of the breach and I will inform the regulator.

Using your information

The personal information that you provide to eNigel is used solely for the operation of your eNigel account and is not used for any other purposes or shared with other parties. Your data will be stored as a backup on third party services but is encrypted and is not viewable by the third parties. Your name, staff number and email address will be stored by third party accounting and payment providers.

Your privacy

Your information on eNigel is accessible only by you unless you opt to share it with others (e.g friends and family calendar). There are no functions whereby another eNigel user or other third party can see or make use of any of your personal data.

Requesting your information

You can request to see all the information that eNigel holds about you by submitting a request via the Contact page on the eNigel site. Select the option to “Request to see all my data” and I will provide you with all personal data held within 30 days of the request.

Correcting your information

You have the right to request that any incorrect or out of date information be corrected.

Stopping your information being processed

You have the right to request that your personal information is no longer processed. Requesting this will mean that your account will no longer work but the data will still be present unless it is requested to be deleted. Select the option to “Request to stop my data being processed” and eNigel will no longer process your personal data.

Deleting your information

If you wish, you can request for all your personal data to be removed from eNigel although this will cause your account to be closed and any archived information deleted (e.g logbook or tax data). Select the Contact page on eNigel and select the option to “Request to delete all my data”.

Receiving news and offers by email

You have the right to opt in or out of receiving offers and newsletters by email at any time by accessing the Personal Details section under Setttings.